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P R I V A T E   P I A N O   L E S S O N S

Susan received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from Lawrence University, and has over 30 years of teaching experience. She has taught all levels and ages and believes that learning to play piano is an adventure that lasts all of life, which only grows sweeter and more rewarding with time.

Susan believes that each student has their own individual style of learning and it's crucial for her as a teacher to not only understand each person's learning style but cater to, encourage and support them in it, incorporating a strong foundation of listening skills, solid technique, music theory and performance skills. It is important to her to get to know her students and help them to learn, grow and enjoy music to the best of their ability. 


It's also paramount that students learn a variety of musical styles, (especially those they enjoy!) and become comfortable playing all different kinds of music, having fun doing so! Susan has had many students perform for the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs who have received multiple gold cup awards, and has also enjoyed seeing many students through the years earn top ratings at the state level for Solo and Ensemble. 


The decision to learn the piano will be one of the most enriching life decisions you’ll make. Not only will you learn the intricacies of piano technique, but you will grow in your love for music and in your self confidence as you quickly become more accomplished…plus it’s just plain fun…


Contact Susan for available openings for private lessons.

"I view each student as unique and gifted with individually varying talents, abilities and strengths. It is my desire to encourage the growth of those qualities according to the needs of each student in order that they may develop into not only great pianists, but into well rounded musicians who learn to love and appreciate music as a whole.

My aim is to listen to my students and help each person become the best they can be. Whether teaching a beginner or an advanced player, it is a joy to watch students progress and realize goals as well as grow in their love of music.”

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