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Susan Johnson is an accomplished pianist, vocalist, flutist, and music director. Susan is a graduate of Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy, and a minor in Vocal Studies, having studied with Marjory Irvin, Kathleen Murray and Kenneth Bozeman.

Susan has over 20 years of experience as an extraordinarily versatile musician, leader and director, having played and sung for hundreds of weddings, funerals, private parties, receptions, as well as directing musical worship for thousands of people in churches, at retreats and conferences in the greater Milwaukee area and throughout the Midwest utilizing her expertise in a wide range of music styles from alternative to classical.  As a teacher, Susan has extensive experience having taught all ages of students as well as all levels – ranging from elementary to advanced in the art of playing piano, giving students confidence through her excellent comprehensive style and solid grounding in not only technique and music theory, but also musicianship overall, along with learning a variety of musical styles. She has also performed with artists such as Margaret Becker, Fernando Ortega, Stuart Townend, and Keith and Krystin Getty. Susan currently resides in Oconomowoc, WI.


"I Always knew even when I was very young that the joy of music and performing would be an integral  part of my life that would make up the very fiber of  who I am and shape my life journey."

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